BARBER PRO 12 päeva groomingu advendikalender. Meestele!


Advendikalendri tarne võtab kuni 10 päeva.



The BARBER PRO 12 Days of Grooming Essentials Advent Calendar is back for its second year, cementing itself as December’s must have male grooming gift. With a surprise behind each door, this calendar will offer you the very finest in BARBER PRO best sellers.

Whether you’re looking for a gift, or are treating yourself, The BARBER PRO advent calendar provides all you need to replenish, energise and moisturize the skin ahead of the festive season.

This year’s choice of masks have been handpicked to highlight the very best that BARBER PRO has to offer, with features from fan favourites such as the Face Putty Peel Off Mask and the Super Eye Mask. It contains products to the value of £59.40!

Suitable for all skin types, this calendar is the perfect gift for both grooming lovers and novices alike. Our easy to use sheet masks are relaxing, highly effective and provide instant results.