885 Natural carbonated mineral water 0,5L


Natural carbonated mineral water that has traveled through natural rock layers over thousands of years to a depth of 885 feet. The purest that nature can offer your body.

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It also has a balanced and clean taste, and thanks to the content of natural elements, 885 is suitable for regular and frequent use, supplying our cells with the purest and highest quality natural energy.

Mineral water 885 is bottled in bottles that are 50% made of recyclable plastic. The bottle packaging is covered with a film made of 50% recyclable plastic.

Mineral content (mg/l):

Magnesium 28-47

Calcium 56-72

Manganese 0.04-0.09

Potassium 5-9

Sodium 8-12

Chloride 1.5-7

Sulfate 1.5-10

Bicarbonate 370-424